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Yellow Pages Japan is the largest online phonebook. We have a variety of different search options which make it easy to find research materials.

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Over 800 industries and 19.000 businesses are listed on Yellow Pages Japan. We provide the most effective Japanese cultural advertising on the web. If you wish to post you advertisements on Yellow Pages Japan, click hereand let's get started. If you wish to renew or change existing advertisement, please click here.

At "Yellow Pages Japan," we are always looking for new information. If you wish to post your phone number on Yellow Pages Japan, please click here. If you wish to correct or modify your information on our website, please click here.

YPJ has an extensive U.S. knowledge base with a variety of very useful information for life in the U.S. If you have any questions, please click here. Contact us anytime!

YPJ has the traditional offline telephone books. The YPJ telephone books is small and thin and will not take up space in your car. We provide local editions for Southern California, New York/Tri-State, Chicago/Detroit/Indianapolis, San Francisco/San Jose/Northwest, and Hawaii as well as National Edition. Please click here for more detailed information.

If you are the golf lover, "Yellow Pages Japan" will be your best friend. We provide golf course information both online and off. Please click here to find your favorite golf course.


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